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Mauá was born with the mission to create products that help and support the planet and its inhabitants.

With Mauá Powerframe we offer citizens of modern metropolises an alternative means of transport which, in addition to being sustainable and eco-friendly, brings numerous advantages for those who use it and for society as a whole.

With our products, we want to contribute to a climate-friendly future where people move in a sustainable and flexible way, with greater driving pleasure and greater personal well-being.

Our product and entire supply chain aligns with some of the Sustainable Development Goals:

Sustainability Mauá

At Mauá we are particularly committed to the adoption of sustainable processes, from production to sales and after-sales, and are particularly committed to three strategic pillars of the global sustainability strategy:

1. the minimization of the CO2 footprint of our products and with our products.

2. responsibility and transparency in production and sales

3. the development of a functioning recycling economy

Four aspects that make us eco-friendly:

People who use eBikes travel more economically and with less environmental impact. In fact, from an economic point of view, the expense incurred for an ebike concerns exclusively the initial cost of its purchase and a very low maintenance cost, i.e. charging the battery.
While the overall expense that must be incurred to own and use other means of transport is significantly greater, starting from the product itself which is more expensive up to all the additional, but mandatory costs, such as petrol, insurance and any parking.
Although some components of the eBike, such as the battery or the drive, cause more emissions during production than standard bicycles, people who use the eBike travel much more often and for significantly longer distances.