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Through observation of contemporary society and research into cutting-edge technologies, we offer a sustainable and innovative solution to improve the lives of our customers.

The name Mauá is a word that comes from the Amazon forest and literally means "Man of high consciousness".

Mauá's goal is to create products for the modern citizen and his mobility: an individual who has an environmental and social conscience, who carefully chooses how to move, opting for sustainable, innovative and quality means of transport.

In 2011, Mauá's research into sustainable mobility began, which resulted in the birth of the first Mauá product: the Powerframe e-bike.

A product born from the meeting between advanced mechanics, innovative technology and a sustainable soul.

Mauá's powerframe e-bike is the fruit of our desire to offer a sustainable alternative for urban mobility, creating a vehicle for the modern citizen.

Our desire is to combine tradition, innovation and contemporaneity in a single product to satisfy the needs of those who have awareness and admiration for the past but have a desire to live in the future and in today's trends.

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