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We have combined elegance and efficiency in a 15kg e-bike

Attention to the environment, passion for classic aesthetics and interest in innovative technologies led us to develop our e-bike: Maua Power Frame.

Double Diamond PF2

Modular system

The modular electronics system , patented by us, is able to minimize electronic waste thanks to the individual components that allow the continuous updating of the e-bike.

This allows you to update the technology integrated into the e-bike without having to buy a new model.

Greater efficiency and safety, thanks to the alarm and anti-theft system integrated with Power Frame 2

Theft Protection

Power Frame 2 has a new control system with a cleaner and more elegant design.

We have developed an anti-theft device with an integrated vibration sensor that allows you to report attempted thefts, so as to give our customers peace of mind every time they park their bike.

Furthermore, Power Frame 2 is equipped with a GPS system to geolocate the bicycle.


The battery pack, designed by Maua, is integrated into the three tubes of the frame and is made up of 24 lithium iron phosphate cells, which guarantee a significantly longer useful life than the battery packs of common e-bikes.

Furthermore, it is easily replaceable without having to alter the geometry of the frame.

Why Lithium Iron Phosphate?


Our Power Frame motor was designed with the aim of providing our customers with a dual-purpose product, which can be used both in assisted pedaling and in a traditional way.

It was designed by us and is integrated into the rear rim spokes.

It has a maximum power of 350 W and is capable of reaching a speed of 25 km/h, with a peak torque of 42 Newton metres.

Power Frame e-bikes adapt to heights between 150 and 210 cm.