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I choose PF2 with integrated battery

Customize POWER FRAME with our configurator

We put you, your needs and your tastes at the center.

Without abandoning our light and timeless aesthetics, we are ready to give shape to your dreams, creating for you a unique, quality product that represents you.

Maua offers the possibility of creating mechanical configurations designed to satisfy the customer's taste and needs.

From electronics to mechanical components, everything is interchangeable and configurable.

Choose PF3 with removable battery

  • Speed : it is possible to assemble e-bikes from one speed, seven speeds, up to a maximum of twenty-one speeds.
  • Color : you can customize the frame of your powerframe, choosing from a wide range of colors.
  • Forks : the forks can be made of aluminum and cushioned from 80mm up to 120mm.
  • Accessories : you can choose the saddle that you think is most suitable for you, opting between City, Sport, and for lovers of vintage aesthetics we provide solutions made in leather. the handlebars, including: City, Sport, Comfort and Drop Down.

If you are already imagining your personal PowerFrame Maua, contact us or visit us in our showroom.

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