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Where it all began

Powerframe was born from the union between the passion for tradition and the passion for innovation and contemporaneity


Lithium Iron Phosphate battery entirely inserted inside the frame.

Lightweight and with a long life cycle.

It supports up to 2000 charging cycles for a total distance of 120,000 km, compared to 40,000km for classic e-bikes.


Power Frame motor inserted in the rear wheel.

A power of 350W to support the distance of 60km at the maximum level of pedal assistance.

The Maua details

Price : from €3400

Colors : customizable

Weight : from 14kg including battery

Km of autonomy : up to 60km

Charging times : 100% in 2h30min

Warranty : mechanical and electrical 2 years

Frame : chrome molybdenum steel

Gearbox : single speed or 7 speed

Brakes: Ferni disc kit 160mm TRP calipers with Shimano levers

Motor power : 250W - 350W

Connectivity : Bluetooth v4 at 2.4 Ghz

Charger : 120W Maua magnetic charger

Maua e-bikes are equipped with an anti-theft system that includes:

- an integrated GPS system to allow geolocation of the bike via the Maua App.

- a Kriptonite lock , included with the purchase of the bike, equipped with full insurance in case of theft

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