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The main differences between the three lines of Powerframe concern the positioning of the battery and/or the brain of the e-bike, the efficiency of the bike remains the same.

In PF1 the brain is positioned under the saddle, while in PF2 the brain has been moved between the frame tubes to allow greater ease and an even cleaner design.

The peculiarity of PF3 instead lies in the external battery pack. In fact, PF3, unlike the other lines, allows you to have a traditional Mauá bike or a Powerframe e-bike. Furthermore, the external battery pack allows you to increase the autonomy of your powerframe if desired.

To purchase your Mauá Powerframe you have 3 options:

  1. choose it and configure it directly from our website. On the dedicated page "Create your Mauá"
  2. Go to our showroom in Corso Garibaldi in Milan, where you will also have the opportunity to take a test ride.
  3. Go to one of our retailers, where you can take a test ride.

Standard waiting times are approximately 3 weeks.

Being a product made specifically for the customer, when production is high the waiting times could be slightly extended, reaching 4 weeks.

The times necessary for shipping must then be added to the production times, if applicable.

The shipping cost depends on the destination. Generally:

  • in Italy: approximately 100 euros, VAT included
  • in Europe: approximately 250, VAT included

For the PF1 and PF2 models the battery pack is recharged by connecting your powerframe to a household socket.

For the PF3 model, equipped with an external battery pack, the batteries of your powerframe are recharged by connecting only the battery pack to the power socket.

The PF1 and PF2 models can be equipped with a power bank in case you don't have the possibility to charge the bike directly via a socket.

In any case, the estimated time for charging the entire Powerfame is 2h/2.30h.

The payment methods accepted by Mauà are:

  • bank transfer, with mandatory deposit of 500 euros.
  • digital payment (credit card)

After 10 years, i.e. statistically the duration in years of 2000 charging cycles, the LiFePO4 batteries must be replaced.

In fact, our batteries are registered in the Italian battery register which keeps track of them and at the end of their life requires their collection and correct disposal.

At the end of the life cycle of the batteries we will take care of their collection and disposal and give you the opportunity to replace them with new batteries.

For b2b orders there is a minimum order only if you are a reseller.

While as regards other types of B2B there are no constraints, as explained on the " Mauá for your business " page.

Activating the Mauá for your business service is like drinking a glass of water. Simply contact us and explain your needs and we will take care of everything else.